Prepare for the FBK-jump

I competed at the AA Drink FBK Games in Hengelo. The long jump final was short after 6 pm. Out of ten international jumpers I became second, with a jump of 7.81 m.

Iggy sleeps

Feeling good

Although the weather was not so good, the atmosphere in the FBK stadium was exciting, with lots of cheering and yelling. I saw many fellow athletes, amongst them my friend Christian Taylor, track and field champion. Along the track my sponsor had well exposed the logo’s of Cocoa from Ghana. Trainings in the days before had been well. I had finished my warming up. All this made me feel good. What more to do before my jump?


Imagine the jump

No, I don’t have magic rituals. I just sat down, closed my eyes to relax and to focus. I visualized what I would be doing soon. I imagined myself to jump 8 meters again. That made me confident and feel good.
Even with the backwind of 1.3m, this 7.81 m is kind of o.k. with me. I am positive by nature, so I am happy with the improvement comparing with the competition a week ago in Shanghai. It is promissing. I have created a good starting point for the jumps to come soon. You see, these 8 meters are really challenging me.


Supporter Nina

At the FBK Games I had also a nice meeting with Nina Schilderman. This young girl won free tickets for the Games on the Cocoa from Ghana Facebook. She turned out to be a long jumper herself. In return for her enthousiastic support, I gave her my startingnumber 297.